Alright, so maybe I should start off with a name. My name is Thomas and I like to put some small projects of mine on the internet for everyone to see.

Some of these projects are purely for show-off, like all the ones I show on my YouTube channel. But some other I put online for others to hopefully make some use out of them. It is simply a hobby of mine to create and show off things.

I want to make a warning however. I am very inconsistent with everything I make. It may very well be possible that I say that I want to get something out every month, but then not do anything for 3 months. Just as well as it is possible to put something out every 2 weeks for a short period of time.

I am semi active on social media though. If you want to see if I am still alive, I use those more often than I actually create things.


Me and a friend had a Discord call a few years ago and were just cracking up about a specific meme. That Meme was the Grugatti Meme. I just randomly looked up if the Grugatti.com domain is already taken. Low and behold, it wasn’t. I bought the domain and set up an extremely minimalistic website for it. That’s how our fun project called Grugatti was born.

Beyond this point, I am going to talk about my videos in a bit more detail. If you are interested in some trivia.

10 second long memes are excluded from that list.

You can click on every title to be taken to it’s own small page where I talk about the video.

“So, I tried to write a program to insult other people…”

My first YouTube video that I put some actual work in and wasn’t a 10 second long meme. My debut video, if you will.

“The Simp Button – Project Simp”

I planned for this to be my biggest project and my highest quality video. It turned out not to be. I way overdid myself with this project .

“The history of the computer but everything I say is wrong”

This was one of the first ideas I had for a video. I still think it’s a good idea. The video itself I think is okay, but you can clearly tell that I’m still new to this.

“Nameless YouTube Channels”

This is my best made video by a long shot. At least in my opinion. I feel like I just hit a perfect blend between funny, informative and interesting.

“My friend forced me to play this game (The Stanley Parable)”

This was a very spontaneous video. I decided to use it to try to make a video about a game. I want to make such videos in the future so this was a great test.

“Why Screenshots aren’t proof”

This is one of the last informative videos I want to make. I feel like it’s not as good as the last one, but I didn’t want to be particularly funny in this.