The history of the computer but everything I say is wrong

Little people know this. But before I made the program that allows you to make messages to send to others, I had one other video. That video had 14 views before it was copyrightstriked and it was over 2 hours long. I talked about the 2010s of entertainment media and my favorites of them. I do not plan to go into detail about that video or re-release it, ever. But right after I uploaded that video, I made a word document with some video ideas. One of those few ideas was to talk about the history of the computer, but everything I say is wrong. That was an idea older than my first video currently on the channel.

I still had other videos I wanted to make before this one. But due to it just being too much, which I realized even more after the Simp Button video. I made one of the videos where I stand in front of a camera and decide to explain some technical details. I had multiple ideas for such videos. However I decided upon using the idea of talking about The history of the computer but everything I say is wrong. The other videos are the ones in a similar format that followed soon.

After the Simp Button video, I realized that these videos need to be planned out better. For the first time I wrote a script which I read from. As it should have been ever since I started with YouTube.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I think this video has no errors. The hardest thing was to try and come up with jokes that a general audience would understand. Which I couldn’t achieve. I knew that of course and used more visual effects to emphasize the joke, which worked, kinda.

The other big problem was that I decided to read the entire script in front of a camera and have myself present in the whole video. The problem with this was that I still read the text from a script. You can clearly see me looking off camera to see what I need to say if you pay closer attention.