My friend forced me to play this game (The Stanley Parable)

My version of the video
Osi’s version of the video

This video came to be after my friend Osi approached me with a random idea to exchange two games that the other person has to play and make a video out of. He gifted me The Stanley Parable. I gifted him Tomb Raider (2013).

I figured that the best way to record the gameplay would be to stream it since I don’t want to miss anything. Due to me really getting into 3D design and animation at the time of preparing this video, I wanted to do a surprise VTuber reveal using an avatar I made shorty before streaming the game. I kind of messed up, but that doesn’t really matter. I got a few laughs out of it. That’s all I really wanted with that.

Playing and recording The Stanley Parable wasn’t that big of a problem. All my reactions are genuine and I always said what I think right there on camera. The big problem was turning it into a video. I had to go through the entire streaming material and write a coherent script that summarizes the whole game and gives a good view of my opinion on it.

I then decided to use this video as a test run. My future videos do include multiple videos about games. So I though that the best way to approach this, would be to try making this a good video about a short video game. I would then use what I learned from making this video in my next gaming video. That video isn’t out yet but I can guarantee you that what I learned came to good use. That videos script writing so far was way easier thanks to this experience. The editing part however, we’ll see (I didn’t get that far yet).

There isn’t much I can say that I didn’t mention in the video other than that. That is pretty much the only knowledge that I didn’t mention in the video itself. Also since I put the note in the parenthesis above, I do not update these articles. You will know what video I was talking about when it’s out don’t worry. If the editing is better, you can decide for yourself when I got that far. Or you can read that videos article when I wrote it to get my opinion.