So, I tried to write a program to insult other people…

I made this video because I just wanted to get on YouTube and create something. I was really into programming at the time so I wanted to do something with that. Since this was going to be my debut video, I figured that I want to put some work into it as well. Because I wanted to have some sort of amateur flare, I let myself get a bit inspired by smaller channels that have a few videos that went viral. Hence the title “So, I tried to write a program to insult other people“. I didn’t expect myself to spend 3 months of work into it but that’s what ended up happening.

The idea for this video started as what I showed in the very beginning. Messages that you send to friends directly. But encouraging people to send each other .exe Files they downloaded from a shady website from a YouTube channel with little over 80 subscribers, was not something I wanted to do. I also wanted to learn ASP.NET at the time, so I decided on making a web-app instead. I ended up not using ASP.NET but NodeJS Express instead and I do not regret that in the slightest.

Another reason I chose this project specifically, was because I wanted to get into web development. I had absolutely zero experience in that. Of course I knew how to use HTML and CSS. I have made some semi good-looking homepages in the past, but that’s as far as it gets. I never made any experience with JS or actual server driven web-apps. That’s what I wanted to collect experience in.

One year after I put the website up in the internet, I shut it down after my subscriptions with the hosting services have expired. This WordPress website you are on right now, is what is replacing it today.

You can very much tell that I was trying to be like Michael Reeves, but with my own touch to the video. It becomes even more apparent, if you have the SocialBlade Add-on and can see the tags I used for the video.