Nameless YouTube Channels

At this point in time, at the time of writing this, I still think this is my best video I’ve made so far. I already said it but it’s an interesting topic. It goes into technical detail in a way that isn’t too hard to understand for the average user. It has just the right amount of comedy and my face in it to not make it boring or feel like I’m trying too hard. Wow that was a long sentence. I tried using the “mystery” of these nameless YouTube channels to my advantage. It worked at least a little bit.

I had such a video in the back of my head when I first stumbled across these nameless channels. But I never thought about it too much. When I started hearing bigger channels like Akidearest or the Trash Taste Podcast talk about it though, I figured that this topic might be more interesting to a bigger audience than I thought at first.

When making the video, I tried giving my very best. Every mistake I’ve made with the last few videos I tried to fix. My face wasn’t in the entire video, only in sections of it. I put in more effort with editing to make it more appealing to watch. The thumbnail gives a better overview about the video and is generally better looking. I made a full script that I practiced so I can speak freely in front of the camera instead of taking glimpses from the TV in my room all the time.

Of course, me not being in the entire video and only having to practice short sections of the script instead of the entire one kind of pushed each other to make a better video more easily. The one thing that I could have done better I believe isn’t a mistake on my part. I should have included more nameless YouTube channels to show off. It’s not that is a big problem since I didn’t want to go into the channels too much. But having more variety when showing them off could have done good things to the video.