Why Screenshots aren’t proof

I made this video in like a weekend. It was very short term and I only made it so I could meet the “monthly upload schedule” for 2 months in a row. I just took a look at my planned video list and saw an old entry called “Why screenshots aren’t proof”.

Besides from that I also think it’s something that had to be talked about. I constantly see people cancelled and called out and bullied into oblivion for something that there is no solid proof of, that they ever did.

I’m not saying that every screenshot every is fake. I’m merely saying that you shouldn’t look at a screenshot and instantly believe it’s real. Look at it from a more neutral and skeptical point of view. Else things like the Slazo cancellation will just keep on happening again.

There’s not that much to that than this. I showed live examples on screen as to how this would be done that people understand how easy it is. I, of course, abused Osi’s and my Discord chat for that.

The whole video actually only has one joke in it. The “and that argument was bait” was the only one. Looking back, I would have left that one out as well if I made the video today. I simply don’t want to associate jokes with a topic that has destroyed lives in that past. I even had a fully filmed and edited intro skit that I cut out due to that very reason. And I also was a bit scared that people might misunderstand what I was saying because the joke did require some thinking.

Another reason why I made that video was because I’ve seen people harass Discord staff multiple times as well because they couldn’t understand why screenshots aren’t proof when it comes to reporting someone to the Discord staff directly. Companies can’t just ban people based on a mere screenshots that has no actual foundation beyond the claim itself.

I also again want to make clear that you should neither believe every screenshot you see, nor should you just write it down as fake. Think rationally and make your own opinion, always.