The Simp Button – Project Simp

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Extended version for more details
Simp Button Trailer

I don’t think I can put enough emphasis on the fact that I wanted this to be my biggest and best video on my entire channel. It was a popular meme, it was a good idea and it could have gained a lot of attention. The Simp Button was basically a no-brainer. I kinda was wondering why no one else made one before. But I simply wasn’t ready for something like this and ended up overdoing myself with this project.

I had big plans for this video. I even had a trailer for it that basically said nothing about the video itself. After I uploaded the original video. After 30 minutes I renamed it to “Extended version” and uploaded a second, shorter video which I then used as the actual video. This just shows even more how much trouble I had with making something that I thought was actually enjoyable to a bigger audience.

The main problem was basically just that I didn’t know how to approach any of this. I had a lot more ideas that i didn’t include for 2 different reasons. Some things I couldn’t include because it would’ve been too much and I already wanted to get this video out as fast as possible. The other was that I simply forgot a lot of the things I wanted to include because I insisted on just working with bullet points instead of writing an actual script. Luckily, I changed that with the very next video.

Today I have a way better idea on how to approach this. I even wrote in the description of the video that I may redo this some day. In reality however, I do not plan on touching this ever again and want it to remain a video that I look at and think “I can do better than this”. At least for now. Even though I already know exactly how I would approach a version 2.