Programming Projects

Spelling Alphabet Convertor

This resulted simply because of a conversation that I had with a friend of mine during school. He told me that he constantly has to look up things in a spelling alphabet table because of all the phone calls he has to make at work. He then jokingly told me to make a convertor that does the job for him. After about 4 months (maybe longer, I don’t remember all that well) I actually made that convertor for him.

The code for this project is publicly available.

Message Generator

My first YouTube video that I put some actual work in and wasn’t a 10 second long meme. My debut video, if you will.

The code for this project is publicly available.

The idea for this video started as what I showed in the very beginning, messages that you send to friends directly. But encouraging people to send each other .exe Files they downloaded from a shady website from a YouTube channel with little over 80 subscribers was not something I wanted to do. I also wanted to learn ASP.NET at the time, so I decided on making a webapp instead. I ended up not using ASP.NET but NodeJS Express instead and I do not regret it in the slightest.

Simp Button

I planned for this to be my biggest project and my highest quality video. It turned out not to be. I way overdid myself with this project, which lead to the Simp meme dying while I was still working on it, which lead to me trying to get this out as fast as possible before the Meme dies, which lead to a bad video.

The code for this project is not publicly available.

Scientific Number Generator

I purely made this so I can try learning C#. There’s no other reason for it. I figured that if I try to make a simple application in C# already, I could make something that may help me in another project if I ever decide to continue working on that.

The code for this project is publicly available.